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M A S T E R C L A S S # 1

W E E K 1 + 2

food is medicine

All of your recipes are curated to emphasize food as a form of medicine. Take a minute to geek out on the following medicinal ingredients woven into your custom recipes. 

[lemon tart smoothie + rise and shine tonic] offers a potent dose of vitamin C increasing resilience to stress, decreasing inflammation and soothing the adrenal glands

[mermaid smoothie] this nutrient-dense sea vegetable contains phycocyanin, a phytochemical that helps to eliminate heavy metals + toxins from your body

[magic matcha muffins] a powdered + highly concentrated form of green tea, is rich in caffeine + l-theanine, a match made in heaven to promote alertness + concentration without impacting cortisol levels

[cocoa cordyceps muffins] this adorable mushroom increases the body’s production of ATP [read: energy for dayzzz] reducing fatigue and improving athletic performance

bee pollen
[bee productive parfait] deemed a medicine by the German Federal Board of Health, bee pollen has been shown to calm inflammation, support liver function and increase resilience to stress. #queenbeestatus

[radiant radish + fried egg salad] microgreens [aka baby plants] are bursting with polyphenols and antioxidants [sometimes up to 10x more than their mature counterparts!] soothe + prevent inflammation

honey [with royal jelly, if possible]
[bee productive parfait, carrot tahini [n]oatmeal and magic muffins] honey is loaded with minerals + antibacterial nutrients. When paired with royal jelly [the queen bees food is incredibly nutrient dense + brimming with potent immune-boosting properties], the combination becomes medicinal in nature

supplemental catalysts

These are the supplemental catalysts that fill in gaps from your Simply Nourished plate.  Each is curated to support different aspects of adrenal function. Not only are these optional, it is important for you to check in with your medical team to ensure none pose any contraindications with your current supplemental or prescription line up. If you are weaving more than one into your day be sure to only add one at a time and note how they make you feel.

[for low energy] gentle b complex: b vitamins are crucial for the adrenal function playing a pivotal role as co-factors in the production of hormones and energy [ATP]. A symptom of low B vitamins is persistent fatigue.

serving size: 1 capsule

[to quell salt cravings] trace minerals: trace minerals are often a missing component with poor adrenal function. This is illustrated by intense salt cravings so quench the thirst of your adrenal glands by adding minerals to your water.

Serving size: ½ tsp [40 drops]

[for inflammation] vitamin C: the adrenal glands rapidly use vitamin C as they perform their daily functions. Repleting vitamin C will not only nurture the adrenal glands, it will also play a role in bringing down global oxidative stress throughout the body.

Serving size: 1 tsp

[for relaxation + sleep] magnesium: magnesium has a very calming impact on our body and is often missing when under high levels of stress.

Serving size: 2 capsules

[for insomnia] L-theanine: L- theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that promotes stress reduction and can play a pivotal role in sound sleep.

Serving size: 1-2 gummy bears

W E E K 3 + 4

food is medicine

lion's mane
[brain boost tonic] this adorable + shaggy mushroom boosts cognitive function by protecting the brain from damage and promoting brain cell growth. Its high concentration of antioxidants also protects the body from inflammation and oxidative stress

[10 minute tostadas, bougie avocado “toast” at noon? yes please!, better than chipotle bowl] not only are avocados incredibly versatile, they pack a punch of monounsaturated fats + fiber [hello gut health!] and contain several different carotenoids - a group of phytonutrients which promote eye + cognitive health

brimming with a wide array of nutrients + essential amino acids, eggs have been deemed by some as the “perfect food”. One of the all-star players in eggs is choline - a nutrient that aids in building cell membranes + improves communication between neurons [leading to improved cognition, memory and mood]

shiitake mushrooms
[invincible immunity bowl] beta-glucan [a soluble fiber] in shiitake mushrooms increases the activity of immune cells and decreases inflammation, leading to improved immune function + prevention of cancer

[top notch Thai wrap, invincible immunity bowl] sulforaphane, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, is a powerful nutrient that aids in detoxification + excretion of metabolites in the body [including metabolized hormones] to aid in cancer prevention + hormone balance

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